A bunch of great reasons to buy essay from us

You’ve got to write an essay, and it’s got to be reallygood. It’s got to:

  • tell a story
  • keep the reader’s attention
  • impress the reader
  • encapsulate who you are, in about 500 words
  • have perfect spelling, punctuation, and grammar

Those are the same goals as a magazine profile of an athlete, celebrity, or newsmaker. And who knows better than a magazine journalist how to write like that?

EssaySolutions’s founder, Evan Forster, has been a professional writer for 10 years. An educational consultant asked him years ago to help with a particularly difficult essay. He loved the work and loved working with students, thus EssaySolutions was born.

Like the journalists we are, we interview MBA admissions officersat the Ivy League and top schools all over the country, keeping up to date on what they’re looking for, what impresses them, and what they see over and over again.

EssaySolutions’ method simplifies a lengthy process. Candidates who apply to more than one school often feel as if they’re about to write a novella. Most schools require three or four essays, with such seemingly straightforward topics as “Tell us about yourself” and “Describe a significant work or personal experience where you made an impact.” Harvard Business School asks for eight. We streamline the work. But in the end, you write the essay, so get ready to dig down deep and do the work.

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